TCA Mission Statement

To be the leading partner in the Middle East, offering a seamless and integrated extension to the Sales and Marketing teams of our partner hotels. Through these partnerships we will spearhead calculated and strategic sales and marketing initiatives to promote inbound business from the Middle East to our valued partner hotels across the world.

TCA has developed marketing and sales solutions for all segments of the luxury travel and hospitality industries. From boutique hotels, spas, and resorts … to cruise lines, adventure travel and expeditions, our marketing and sales programmes get results.

We do this by identifying and developing marketing strengths, tapping into lifestyle trends, and opening doors for tactical alliances. Our strategic and creative thinking helps our clients achieve measurable results and in turn, meet their business goals.

Our goal is simple; to achieve a great return for your investment through innovative sales and marketing that communicate powerfully with your customer.

What We Do!

Travel Connections Arabia was created to bridge the gap in the international hospitality marketing strategy sectors that currently exist.

From in-depth experience of over thirty years in the lucrative Gulf market, we offer unparalleled opportunities of market penetration hitting the travel trade, major corporations and those with a high net worth income who currently have limited access to knowledge of our unique collection’s bespoke qualities.

There has been a plethora of Dubai-based marketing companies, but they rarely reach outside the UAE borders to promote to other major markets in the Gulf region. Dubai is an exciting place to be – but it is in the other Gulf States that real markets exist. This is where TCA has its strengths. As a company, TCA is looking to grow through strategic acquisition, divestiture and successful negotiation, and position itself as a global player targeting the Gulf. It is our exclusivity, personal touch and experience that makes the difference in this market!

Who Are
We Looking For

TCA prides itself on its objectivity and knowledge in selecting the best and most charming luxury hotels and serviced apartments, as well as enchanting destinations, show-stopping entertainment and cultural events from all over the world. We are looking to work with tourism authorities, attractions and events that appeal to a global audience, five star hotels, be they boutique, luxury, lifestyle, resort or serviced apartments. Essentially, we want to work with those brands that provide a unique proposition, a bespoke experience, diverse cultural and best-in-class practices.

To further this and to broaden our knowledge, our experts travel regularly to all these destinations in order to personally subject hotels and destinations to stringent and painstaking examination and review. In this way, only the finest brands are retained in the TCA brochures, leaving you with a select curation of quality offerings worldwide.

TCA offers complete unequivocal exclusivity to our partners on the programme, ensuring we only promote the best.